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The Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI)!

  • Learn how to master the LSAT and create an application that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Get the advantages of a summer prelaw boot camp extremely affordably from the convenience of your home.
  • Get live support from a personal mentor dedicated to your success
  • Connect with other prelaw students in your area or around the country.

SPI is a core program of the Prelaw Pipeline Project, and is dedicated to equal opportunity in the field of law.

How does it work?:

Register for SPI between January and May of the year you will take your LSAT. You must agree to follow the SPI Guidelines. We can generally accommodate all applicants.

  • The SPI Student Study Manual gives you clear and comprehensive day by day assignments for 10 weeks.
  • Your personal mentor checks in with you each week to evaluate, encourage, and recommend tools.
  • You and your mentor craft a plan for success that identifies and addresses any obstacles.
  • You use the SPI online dashboard to connect with other students in your area or around the country to study and support each other.
  • You master the LSAT, the Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation and career research.

Use SPI for a Full Year of Support.

Start in January by working on your LSAT through our STEPS to the LSAT program. Upgrade your STEPS enrollment by May to begin the SPI program in June. When the SPI program ends in August, return to the STEPS to the LSAT materials to continue your LSAT study at no extra charge.

Why SPI?

SPI grows out of the more than 25 years experience of LSAT and admissions expert and Barron’s LSAT Book author Jay Cutts. SPI addresses the need for an extremely affordable and practical way for any student, regardless of socioeconomic, educational, gender, or ethnic background, to have the advantages of a summer prelaw boot camp, such as those offered by CLEO and a number of law schools.

Other summer boot camps only accept a handful of students. And those students may still have expenses associated with being away from home.

SPI gives you the opportunity to do a summer law admissions boot camp from home at a fraction of the price that you’d pay for even the briefest LSAT program.

See our list of prelaw organizations that support SPI as co-sponsors or by informing their members about SPI.

Is SPI the ultimate plan?

Not necessarily. The ideal plan involves starting your LSAT prep in January of your Junior year, working intensively on the LSAT and admissions during the summer, and continuing to polish your LSAT study and admissions materials in the fall of your Senior year.

The ultimate plan is probably to use advanced self-study programs such as our STEPS to the LSAT and SPI and supplement them with personal coaching from highly qualified coaches.

In SPI you don’t need to hire a paid coach at all. However, if you do need to work with one, we will direct you to qualified, affordable coaches. SPI does not get any money when you work with a coach. The arrangement is strictly between you and the coach.

Below is a scenario for a typical student who wants to make as much progress as possible.

Our formal programs Coaching – hrs & cost
January – May STEPS; $100 2 hrs; $70
 June – August SPI; add’t’l $125 3 hrs; $100
 Sept – Nov. STEPS; $0 2 hrs; $70

In the plan above, note that the STEPS program can be upgraded to SPI just by paying the difference. STEPS focuses mostly on the LSAT. Enrollment is for an unlimited number of months. You can continue working with STEPS materials in the fall after SPI for no additional cost.

Most students benefit from at least a little work with coaches on the LSAT and the Personal Statement. Many students need only 3 to 5 hours of total coaching, which would cost perhaps $100 to $200. The plan above,  with 7 hours of coaching and including the SPI program (which also includes STEPS) would cost under $500 – far less than you would pay for a major LSAT course of 6 weeks without any coaching or help on the Personal Statement.

Think of SPI as a Modular Program

We start you with a high quality plan that addresses your needs while keeping your costs at a minimum. SPI is your core program.

If you want to add additional “modules” to the core program to enhance your studying, you can do it at your discretion. Or you might not need or want to do it at all.

A module is typically an hour of coaching with an expert in a particular area. It could be LSAT coaching, career coaching, Personal Statement coaching, etc.

It’s not unusual for a student to add on 2 to 4 modules of coaching – one at a time.

We can refer you to affordable and qualified coaches. SPI does not earn money from any of the coaches.

Who Created SPI?

SPI was developed by Jay Cutts, director of Cutts Graduate Reviews and author of the Barron’s LSAT Prep Book.

SPI is a core program of the Prelaw Pipeline, a project co-sponsored by a number of prelaw and law professionals and mainstream and minority law student organizations.

SPI is one of a series of Pipeline programs designed to help students move through the stages of prelaw planning, LSAT prep, admissions prep, learning law school survival skills, passing the bar, getting hired, and continuing their professional development.


Your situation is unique. SPI is a unique solution. Let’s talk. Use our contact form or call 505-281-0684.