What is SPI?

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SPI at a Glance:

The Summer Prelaw Intensive (SPI – pronounced “spy”) is a structured 10-week summer program for students preparing for the LSAT and admissions to law school.

When: usually the summer after your Junior year

Dates: Starts the second week of June and runs 10 weeks.

Alternate Dates: You can also start at a different time and work for 10 weeks. Your 10 weeks start the date of your registration.

SPI-Fall Dates: The SPI-Fall program allows you to continue your SPI program into the fall semester. Simply register for SPI after August 1 and your program will continue for 10 weeks into the fall semester.

How: You must apply for SPI and agree to the commitments of the SPI program. Generally all qualified applicants are accommodated.

What: SPI prepares you for success on the LSAT, career research, the Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, and other strategies for standing out from the crowd.

SPI is a core program of the Prelaw Pipeline Project, a family of services that carries you through prelaw planning to skills for law school success to long term bar prep to career development. Visit the Pipeline Project!

Cost: $225. SPI is designed to be affordable for all prelaw students.

The  Concept: SPI has the same goal as summer prelaw programs run by some law schools and by organizations such as CLEO. These programs are great if you can get into them. However, SPI offers an alternative with the following advantages:

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere.
  • You participate for a full 10 weeks.
  • Your costs are minimal.
  • You don’t have to compete to get into SPI.
  • You work with a personal mentor.
  • You have access to advanced help in all areas of admissions if you need it.
  • You can work with study partners around the country.
  • You can continue the LSAT part of SPI for as long as you need.

The SPI program is administered by Cutts Graduate Reviews and Jay Cutts, author of the Barron’s LSAT Prep Book.

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